Thematic Area

This publication is intended as an opportunity for interdisciplinary approach opened to pedagogical, psychological, sociological and political analysis in the field of artistic and intercultural education.

The articles will be published in English to ensure a greater visibility at international level to the research findings discussed in each published study.

Our goal is to stimulate the production of knowledge in the field of artistic education and to enhance participation to the community of educational practice and research in Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Choreography, Artistic and Intercultural Education.

Proposed thematic covers diverse directions of research in the field of artistic and intercultural education and areas connected to it impacting on the development of the Romanian and European education. In this respect the proposals subscribe to the aim of expanding knowledge on how arts may have an input in elaborating educational strategies for diverse environments by taking into consideration both traditional and futuristic perspectives.

Proposed Research directions

Education sciences – applications in the domain of the artistic education
• Art pedagogy
• Learning psychology within the artistic domain
• The psychology of artistic creation
• The training of the trainers for artistic education
• Intercultural education

Art and cultural action
• Fine arts creation and the implications for the education
• The performing arts and the relationship with learning
• Musical creation and the psycho-pedagogical implications
These domains can be changed according to the interest and preoccupations of the authors selected for publishing


The thematic area covers the following domains:

The Psychology of the artist and artistic performing
Educational politics concerning the differentiation and the individualization of the curriculum for the young with high potential
Information and communication technologies in the domain of artistic education
Art pedagogy in comparative approaches
The formation of the didactic staff in the domain of artistic education
Artistic higher education
The evaluation of the education and the artistic performance
Intercultural dimensions of the artistic education
The Art as a means for mediation and community action


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