Recommendations for authors

Recommendations for authors

Information for the authors for publication in
Review of Artistic Education

In presenting ideas on a topic, all manuscripts proposed for publishing should be concise and include an even number of pages. We strongly recommend authors to limit to 10 pages (including References, the Title and Abstract in English.

Submitted papers will be subjected to a blind peer-review process with proficient members of the international academic community active in the field of artistic education.

Doesn’t have pay article processing charges (APC) for evaluation of the articles in Review of Artistic Education.

You can find below the scientific criteria used in the peer – review process. The whole responsibility for the accuracy of the empirical support, analysis and interpretation of data, as well as for the accuracy of the text and English language command, belong entirely to the authors.

Our journal has an article submission charge of 70 euro per article for publication to Sciendo.

Submission of the manuscript implies that it is not under consideration for a publication elsewhere. (Download RAE Publishing Agreement: doc and pdf and Open Access Licence: doc and pdf).


Editing criteria

The accepted publishing languages are: English.

The words and quotes in foreign languages are written in Italics. The quotes in Romanian are written normally. Every quote shall have a foot note.

Every author shall insert his name below the title of the paper, upper right on the paper, with a foot note that shall stipulate: academic title, institution, city, country, e-mail.

Every text shall be preceded by an abstract and 5 key-words.

The abstract and the key-words section will be about of 800 characters.

The abstract and key-words shall be written both in English.

Each abbreviation shall be explained only at first use.

The bibliographical references must include at least one author listed by ISI or quoted in ISI articles.


Technical criteria

page - A4;

page setup: up – 2,5cm; down – 2,5 cm; left – 2,5 cm; right – 2,5 cm;

length of paper: maximum 10 pages (30 000 characters, including bibliography/references and abstract);

page setup: Normal, Single space;

title: Aldine (bold), TNR 14;

personal information: TNR 12 Normal, Right;

text: TNR, 14;

abstract and key words: TNR 12 Italics;

tables/ figures in text will be black and white, or easily understood in a black and white printing;

bibliographical references:

– BOOK: Author, (year), Title, edition, publishing house, city
– ARTICLE: Author, (year), Title, in „Name of Journal”, volume, number,
date, page number, Publishing House, City (if available)
– WEB SITE: Author, (year), Title, Name of the website, date of download


RAE Editorial Policy: Publication ethics and publication malpractice statement DOC and PDF




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